Posted by: anitanolan | November 2, 2009

Show, Don’t Tell: Eliminate Your Filter

Eliminate the Author’s Filter:

Eliminate the filter of the author.  This can indicate telling.   Some common filters are felt, heard, saw, looked, appeared, knew, realized.

For example:  Jack felt sad when he heard the screech of tires and saw the dog ran into the road, because he knew the dog might be hit.

Instead:  A black Lab darted past Jack, making him stop jogging and watch the dog’s manic race across manicured lawns.  Jack’s heart filled his throat as the dog neared the busy street.  He tried to yell, but couldn’t form the words.  The screech of car tires made him wince.  No way the driver could have avoided that dog.

Using these techniques to “show” your story will help it come alive for your reader.

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